Steelton, PA

Project Details

  • Full containment LNG storage tank
  • Construction Date 2016
  • Application Peak shaving
  • Full containment LNG storage tank (inner stainless steel; outer prestressed concrete)
  • Capacity 1 tank of 2,000,000 gallons
  • Owner UGI Energy Services
  • General Contractor American Tank & Vessel

Project Description

Preload Cryogenics, LLC has completed the design and construction of a prestressed concrete secondary containment wall for a 7,500-cubic-meter (2.0 million gallons) LNG full-containment tank (25.9 meters in diameter by 25.3 meters tall). The design includes a raft foundation constructed on deep ground improvement elements. Precasting of the secondary wall panels was performed off-site concurrently with ground improvement installation and raft foundation construction. The wall panels were trucked to the site, erected and braced in-place. In addition, fabrication of the carbon steel dome and suspended (and insulated) ceiling were accomplished.