Barcelona, Spain

Project Details

  • Construction Date1969
  • ApplicationLNG Storage
  • Capacity(2) 40,000 m3 (251,600 Bbl /10.5 MG) (138' ID x 98' 6" SWD)
  • OwnerGas Natural, S.A.
  • Consulting EngineerPRELOAD

Project Description

In natural gas storage, capacity is key. This PRELOAD project tested the limits of LNG storage capacity and delivered positive results for Gas Natural, S.A.

The two tanks pictured above are constructed with precast concrete panels with a carbon steel wall barrier, each 98' 6" in height, which were prestressed vertically and circumferentially. This put the walls in compression and helped significantly reduce stresses during service. After construction, the tanks underwent rigorous hydrostatic and pneumatic testing before they were purged with dry nitrogen, then cooled down with LNG. The tanks achieved a total heat influx limit of an impressive 300,000 BTU per hour thanks to insulation that was installed in the annular spaces between the walls and 4" concrete dome roofs.

At the time of completion, the combined 80,000 m3 (503,200 Bbl / 21 MG) capacity was the largest double-wall prestressed concrete LNG tank system in the world.