Philadelphia, PA

Project Details

  • Construction Date1974
  • ApplicationLNG Storage
  • Capacity(2) 92,700 m3 (583,000 Bbl / 24.5 MG) (230' ID x 82' SWD)
  • OwnerPhiladelphia Gas Works
  • Consulting EngineerPRELOAD

Project Description

This PRELOAD LNG project for Philadelphia Gas Works presented a unique challenge due to the soil conditions at the building site. Each of the two 230' ID x 82' SWD tanks were supported by over 2,200 piles, and high molecular weight plastic pipes were used over typical metallic conduits due to the corrosive nature of the soil. Load bearing insulation was used for the wall footing as well as the floor to additionally protect from temperature and differential stresses. Like many LNG projects, the outer prestressed concrete walls were used as a dike system.

PRELOAD also accounted for several other potential hazards in the design, such as the ability to support the weight of fire protection and vaporization equipment. These tanks are another example of how PRELOAD stands ready to accept any LNG storage challenge with a tank system to suit the operation's specific needs.