Partners & Affiliates

Preload International is affiliated with the Jay Cashman, Inc. (JCI) group of companies. With over four decades of experience, Cashman and its affiliate companies provide multi-disciplinary construction services that span concrete tank design and construction; wind power construction and operation; power generation; dredging; and heavy civil engineering & construction. These alliances are strategically collocated to provide clients with higher levels of performance, greater efficiencies, and better visibility into every facet of each project. Leveraging our collective capabilities and knowledge, we develop one-of-a-kind solutions that address clients' unique needs and goals.

Preload Cryogenics has partnered with BergerABAM to re-commercialize the technology developed by Preload from the 1950s through the 1980s, offering a unique cost- and schedule-effective alternative for refrigerated and cryogenic liquid storage. Over the past ten years, BergerABAM has led a joint industry project with partners from major energy companies and contractors to further develop the all-precast concrete tank technology to be fully compliant with modern codes. BergerABAM holds the license for the Technology Certificate, including the critical cryogenic material testing program.

The pioneers of prestressed concrete tank design wire-wound, prestressed concrete tanks are the ideal storage solution for water, storm water, and wastewater treatment. Preload has designed and constructed more than 3,600 prestressed concrete tanks worldwide in its 85-year history. Since the mid-1930's PRELOAD has been recognized as the forerunner in the engineering and construction of circular prestressed concrete structures. Preload delivers the highest-quality and most cost-effective water storage solutions.

As an exclusive partner with Preload International, Global Engineering provides structural engineering services for the design and support of concrete storage tanks. Global Engineering also supplies Preload with the analysis and design for precast prestressed tilt up.

American Tank & Vessel, Inc. (AT&V) designs, shop fabricates and field erects tanks, vessels and hydrocarbon terminals. In its 30-year history, the company has grown to an international level with a consortium of partners like Preload that help deliver a complete product line to any client location.